Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was hard for us this year. Grandma Lois died on April 18th, and because of family plans, the funeral couldn't be until April 26th. So we had the long Easter weekend to get ready for her funeral. It was wonderful to get together and look at pictures and tell stories. It was also very sad, and all of our Easter traditions had a sad shadow on them. Easter was a holiday we always spent with Grandpa Bill and Grandma Lois. So it was very difficult to have them both be gone. However, they left us with a million memories and great traditions that will stay with us always. So, here was our Easter 2011.

Here are Jess, Jackson, & Kaylen at an Easter egg/candy hunt.

Egg coloring! (Warning! Kitchen under construction!!)

Kaylen got a new bunny for Easter! Hopper!

We went Easter egg rolling in Marysvale Canyon.

Jess, Jackson, Nate, Hollie, Kamie, Kaylen, & Kirk making the climb.

Mom didn't feel well, so she sat this one out. :)

Not sure what is going on here. :) Kaylen and Jess having fun on Easter night!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Annie's Baby Shower

Annie's baby shower (those invites didn't scan well at all!) We had so much fun! Lots of good food (mini-pies, cupcakes, potato salad, chicken! YUM!) She had lots of good friends and got lots of fun gifts. :)

Jess Turns 4!!

Extra Pic! :) Jackson won the family NCAA pool. :) Woohoo! Money! :)

Jess turned 4 on April 3rd! He wanted a "Fooper Hero" Cake. So that's what he got. :) He was so excited. He got a little 4 wheeler from his mom and dad, and lots of other good stuff from grandmas and grandpas and aunts, uncles and cousins!


Jackson, Jess, Kaylen, & Grandma Alicia waiting for the party to start.

Jess and Grandma Curtis

He's 4!!!

Opening presents! It was a fun party and Jess got everything he wanted!